Principles and Values
of Omnifish

Since its foundation, in April 2009, Omnifish, S.A. has been framing in its work context, both towards its employees and its clients, the moral and ethical values that are the basis for any business relationship.

We want our employees to feel that their rights are preserved and that they can, at any time, count on our support as an employer.

With this Code of Conduct we intend to make available to any person, whether employee, customer or supplier, the values that we have not abdicated in our journey, and with which we will continue to work hard.


To create a dignified environment for everyone it is essential to associate moral values with ethics. When we talk about ethics we highlight the main points that make sure that everyone’s moral principles/rights are respected.

With this we talk about key points, as is the example of Human Rights.

Human Rights are for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, language or religion.

At Omnifish we want everyone to know that no discrimination or act of racism of any kind exists or is allowed.

These same rights mean that any employee of our company is treated with respect and equality.

All our employees find the necessary conditions for a job with fair conditions worthy of any human being.

Social Responsibility
to our Employees


Omnifish does not support any kind of child labor, not having in our facilities any employee who is under 16 or 18 years of age, nor accepting applications from those who are under compulsory school age, as ruled by article 3 of law no. 7/2009, already revised in the labor code.


No employee of our company is forced or will be forced to remain at his or her workstation, or even inside the company, if that is not his or her wish. Respecting the duties of the job, any employee is free to leave the premises at the end of his work period.

At this point it is essential to note that we all have rights and duties within the company, whatever the level of hierarchy, and when everyone works together in a humane manner, there will never be the possibility of involuntary or unwanted work.


As governed by article 281 of the labor code, Omnifish ensures that all its employees have the necessary conditions regarding health and safety at work, from the physical conditions to the necessary uniform and protection material.
Occupational health consultations are provided by the company and are done periodically, as required by law.
A regular risk assessment is performed so that all measures are taken correctly.


Any practice of harassment, whether physical or moral, is prohibited.
Any act of this kind will be punished and should be reported immediately to the superiors, so that the measures required by law can be taken. It is considered as harassment not only of a sexual nature, but also moral, any action that puts a certain employee in a humiliating, uncomfortable, destabilizing situation.

We will try, within the company, to work on social skills so that acts of this nature do not happen, and so that if they do, they are immediately reported and punished, without fear of reprisals.


The right to parenthood, whether for men or women, is present and respected at Omnifish.
Starting with pregnancy, we respect the inherent rights, from trips to medical appointments, to maternity/paternity leave, breastfeeding leave, time off to care for a child and to go to school, among others.
All these issues are articulated within the company, between the employee and his/her superior, so that there is no feeling of injustice.


Social Responsibility
and business ethics


Omnifish, as a company, does not work in isolation, so it needs its customers and suppliers to achieve its goals.
As such, we are committed to working with each of them respectfully and in compliance with the law.
The loyalty and trust of our partners is vital, and we all need each other, so it’s all about teamwork, cooperation, and communication.


It is our responsibility to deal with our customers, suppliers and employees with an ethical posture.


All attitudes and commercial and business decisions will be made in a thoughtful and fair manner, not based on favors, gifts and financial incentives.
Likewise, neither Omnifish, nor any elements that integrate it, will use this type of strategy to coerce either a supplier, customer or employee, to something.
Respect for others will always be our basis for harmonization inside and outside the company.


Should any questions arise as a result of this code of conduct, anyone, whether Omnifish employee, customer or supplier, is welcome to contact us using the contact details provided at the end of this document.
Our doors will always be open for a clear and objective communication.


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